Lyons Inquiry Report

Earlier this week, stories began to circulate in the press about the content and conclusions of this much delayed, much expanded and long awaited report.  At over 400 pages with further appendices and tables, it is quite a read.  Reportage has focused upon the ‘contentious’ issues of local taxation, even though any changes on this matter have effectively been delayed until after the next election.  However, a significant part of the report is concerned with the role of and constraints placed upon local government.  This is potentially more interesting, certainly to students of public administration.

A further point to note is the way in which stories on the Lyons Inquiry report stopped not long after it was launched at 10am yesterday morning (Wednesday 22nd March).  It became lost in the budget.  Laura McAllister suspects the timing is probably deliberate and it is difficult to argue with that.  If a 406 page report is launched on the day of the budget, nobody will have much time to read it and it will strugle to gain much space on the polticial agenda.  A good day to bury a difficult discussion?

The report can be accessed via:


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