The Budget, 2007

If we need proof that the budget is largely about theatre, then yesterday’s performance was that.  It has taken until this morning for the analysis of the content of the budget to filter through the political posturing.  And even now, you have to go to the special newspaper pull out section for the detail.  The main political reports concern: the Brown v Cameron dynamic; the jokes about Stalinism and  references to ‘comrades’; how Cameron was wrong footed by the final announcement of the 2p cut in the basic rate of income tax.   Largely overlooked, the Budget Debate goes on until Tuesday next week.  How much coverage of this will there be in the media?

When thinking about concepts of public accountability, and particularly in its Parliamentary form, it is difficult to do so without also considering the role of the media in scrutinising our political leaders but also in shaping the way they behave.


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