Sofa Government

Continuing the debate about styles of government, probity in decision making and the relationship between politican an civil servants, Ken Clarke, the senior Tory politician heading a ‘Democracy Task Force’, has released a report on the theme highlighted in the recent blog about Iraq – sofa government.  It discusses in some depth the issues and puts forward some suggestions for opening up and clairifying the roles and responsibilities of the key actors in decisions at the heart of Whitehall.  Note that Lord Butler contributed to the report, though he is not a signatory to what is a political publication.

Coverage got swallowed up in debates about cash-for-peerages, reform of the House of Lords and the question of financing politival parties.  Once again, the media miss a problem at the heart of government – in a memorable title from the 1990s, the proper conduct of public business.

The Democracy Task Force publication is available at:


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