Slow Justice

First, apologies for being slow on the blog – too much marking at this time of year.

Last week, an important ruling was made in the Court of Appeal.  They found the government guilty of an abuse of power in the use of an Order in Council to ban the Chagos Islanders from returning to their homes.

The abuse of power started in the 1960s when they were first removed from their homes in the Indian Ocean to make way for the US military base on Diego Garcia.  More recently, the gvernment has dragged its feet over the inevitable court rulings in favour of the right of the islanders to return.  They will doubtless try to appeal this latest judgement, but there can not be much grounds for arguement anymore.

For further information, Tim Slessor has written a book, Lying in State with a second edition titled Ministeries of Deception, with a chapter on this subject.  It makes grim reading (as does the rest of the book).  Also, see The Guardian’s coverage last week:,,2086855,00.html,,2086619,00.html,,2086582,00.html


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