In good faith…

I really don’t like commenting on the behaviour of MPs.  To me, it is nothing to do with any politics in which I am interested.  But recent antics, revelations etc. around expenses and allowances do warm the heart of all good anarchists.  Aside from the sheer brass neck of some of the MPs, in claiming for what they did and now defending it as allowed by the rules, I am struck by the shock with which the story has been greeted.  Why are we surprised?  In the past, all available evidence has suggested that a grasping and self-interested crew occupy parliament.  Are we just shocked by the proof?

And the solution to the mess?  So far, a lot of bluster, some ideas about contracting the work so that an external body administers it – and conveniently might not be covered by freedom of information legislation.  More radically, disolving parliament has been suggested.  But are we sure there is anyone better out there wanting to stand and challenge the sitting members?  To my mind, anyone who wants to enter parliament should probably be disqualified from doing so.


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