Prison performance

Not unlike the stories earlier this year from Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust, we have news of prisoners being moved at short notice in advance of HM Inspector of Prisons arriving on a visit.  The consequences, from a narrow personal and/or organisational perspective, make sense – raise the performance, improve rankings etc.  But again, we have the sight of an organisation doing something which defeats its own very purpsoe.  There is significant evidence that a settled routine and a structured life in prison helps vulnerable young offenders who may have had no epxerience of structure in their life before (see earlier blog about Holloway Women’s Prison).  So in order to meet a short-term target, long-term damage is casually done.  Had the Demos report, discussed in a recent blog, focused upon the details of these sorts of consequences of organisational performance incentives and regimes, a more inteligent discussion might have emerged.


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