News broke yesterday of some of the details of the contract between Liverpool City Council and the collaborative venture with British Telecom, Liverpool Direct Ltd, providing call centres, support services and much more to the city (see:  While this has been much talked about, it is finally in black and white.

Rather than repeat the details, I would remark upon the confused politics of the situation.  The former chief executive of LDL was on secondment from the City Council.  He is now back as the acting chief executive of the Council while a new one is appointed to take up post in the New Year.  He has overseen the cull of senior executives, including some closely concerned with the investigation of the financial irregularities in the LDL contract.  We might ask what role Mr McElhinny has played in the affair and in the current renegotiation of the LDL contract?


1 Response to “Murkyside”

  1. 1 christina September 29, 2010 at 9:35 am

    Bankers and stockbrokers are often criticised for the flimsiness of their management of conflict of interests by creating proceedural divisions and disciplines. On reading the recent press coverage, it strikes me that, in the public sector arena, we don’t even seem to be bothering with the pretence.

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