Will the last person to leave…

Nowhere are we really hearing what is going on in public service workplaces at the moment.  Job losses are talked of in large numbers – thousands and tens of thousands.  But each number is an individual and sometimes it is important to remember those individuals.  And maybe sometimes it is important to treat them as such?

The stories I hear from colleagues and others include:

  • a new organisation chart presented to a meeting of administrative staff in an organisation.  If your post/name was not on the screen, you needed to start looking elsewhere.
  • officers rushing to complete the paperwork for early severance so that staff can be gone by Christmas.
  • staff of many years service being informed that their application for early retirement had been accepted with immediate effect.  Go for lunch and don’t bother coming back.
  • arriving at work to find staff have left without any notice or opportunity to say farewell, thanks, good luck.

But this is ok.  These were bureaucrats, a burden on our society, one of many.  Let’s forget these details and look at the bigger macroeconomic picture.  They are within the margin of error, after all.

On behalf of those who do care, perhaps I might just say “thanks and good luck”.


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