Murkyside III

Liverpool City Council seems intent on turning itself into a parody.  Staff were summoned last week to meetings in the Arena (at some considerable cost) and given vague messages about tough times from the council leader.  When the events were opened up to questions, I hear he got a little irate when asked about the Liverpool Direct Ltd contract investigation.

So the news of the employment tribunal case being brought by Peter Cosgrove will have cheered him up no end.  The material that might emerge from the case will be embarrassing.  But I would ask a simpler set of questions.  In what circumstances was Peter Cosgrove suspended?  How come the ‘evidence’ against him relates to work he was involved in over four years ago?  Who had this evidence and yet did nothing with it for four years?  Why does it only emerge the moment the acting chief executive takes over?  And how does this relate to the previous questions about conflicts of interest?

I am sure the new permanent (and totally transparently appointed) chief executive will be interested.  But then again, maybe he won’t.  He is rumoured to be an old friend of the acting chief executive.  Penfold to his Dangermouse?


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