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Are there any alternatives?

It seems to me that Saturday’s big march offered little by way of alternatives.  In essence, organisers agreed with the need for cuts.  Perhaps they should be slower or they should fall on others or they should be supplemented by taxes on the wealthy.  But there was nothing that hinted at an alternative.

The more violent/radical (delete as preferred) demonstrations (variously led by anarchists, the socialist workers party and by fascists depending on who was speaking to the media) offer a simplistic critique of the system.  But what is their vision of a different future?  Nothing that I can see.

Meanwhile, on Radio 4, Analysis broadcast a programme about ‘blue Labour’.  The label is attached a mixed bag of policy wonks and others who argue that Labour has lost touch with working class concerns about immigration, employment etc.  They offer little by way of an alternative, but they do offer something that might produce results given the electoral maths under the present system.  And it is a counterweight to ‘red Toryism’, one of the labels attached to the current government.

All pretty uninspiring.  And all missing some of the point.  However, rather than pontificate, offering some cod philosophy of my own, I would like to invite and encourage al regular or passing readers to offer some thoughts on alternatives to the current state of affairs – however broadly or narrowly you may wish to understand that.