Who governs?

We have been treated to the unedifying sight of senior politicians admitting to cosy relationships with Murdoch and beginning to talk about the need for reform.  Some of the messages flowing between Rebecca Brooks and David Cameron (and doubtless the same was true with Blair, Brown etc) suggest that News Corporation was an arm of government (and similar comments have been made in recent articles in the New York Review of Books) – ‘we’ must get the welfare reform bill through parliament, for example.

I wonder whether the government’s relationships with senior bankers would stand up to this sort of close scrutiny as well?  Osborne certainly bleats on about the need to ensure that the UK is a good place for international financial institutions to call home.  Perhaps they also talk in terms of ‘we’?  And what of the arms industry and the MoD?

In Greece, at least they know they are being ruled by unelected technocrats at the moment.  Heaven help them if they dare elect a government that acts in their interests at the weekend (and the same might go for the French as well!).  Meanwhile we suffer under a very British technocracy.


1 Response to “Who governs?”

  1. 1 Jack June 17, 2012 at 5:42 am

    And an incompetent technocracy at that.
    This is a bad policy, even by the Government’s own standards, which will not achieve its intended purpose, because of the lack of alternative smaller social accommodation, and will bring about unintended detrimental consequences in the form of higher HB outlay for private renting. Does no-one in Government properly evaluate the implications of policies before they are wheeled out ?

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