Do the Tories have ADHD?

The rate at which the Tories develop new policies, provoke reaction, back peddle and then, later, claim they just wanted to start a debate is frankly comical. The latest, Cameron’s assault on the poor was particularly grotesque, coming after and covering up the tax dodging habits of the well heeled.  Steve Bell in The Guardian has hit the nail on the head in his recent If… cartoons.  Tory policy on welfare is little more than: ‘Fack orff and get your own silver spoon’.

I watched the first episode of The Thick Of It again last night, inspired by Gove and Cameron doing cartwheels.  And it does seem to me they must work in pretty much this manner.  Policy made on the hoof.  No wonder Hilton left to take a year off and get away from the insanity of it all.  (But then he was not much better.  We are told that he has suggested the civil service be reduced to about 4,000.  After all, the Victorians ran an empire covering a third of the globe with that number of civil servants.)

It does appear that the Tories are agitated, twitching and flinching at the slightest noise and always acting in haste.  ADHD, perhaps?  Or more likely this is the behaviour we should expect of good old Bullingdon Club members – just sober and bored.


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