Class War returns!!

The establishment is under severe pressure.  Politicians and press barons (and senior police officers, come to that) are too familiar with one another.  Tax dodgers are morally repugnant.  Bankers sell dogey products and, now, fiddle their books and manipulate interest rates.  Desparate efforts to divert attention to benefit cheats have had little effect on the main thread of news and debate.  And now we have more or less subtle efforts to suggest that the current banking crisis of legitimacy is a product of ‘spivs and gamblers’.  The suggestion is that, since the 1980s, working class lads have been alowed in to the once august world of the City.  One old timer on the radio told stories of the past where your word was your bond.  Chaps just didn’t cheat.  These working class oiks have got into the banks and just don’t know how to behave.  Nauseous stuff.

And now we have an urgent independent review (if it is urgent, why did it take days to announce?).  We don’t know who will lead this review as yet.  Anyone want to take bets – a member of the establishment, old school, probably with banking experience.  But definitely ‘one of us’, in Thatcher’s words.


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