Welcome to Politics, Policy and Adminstration, The University of Liverpool MPA Blog. It seemed a good idea when someone suggested starting an MPA blog as a means of encouraging discussion amongst students, staff and prospective students of current events touching on public policy and administration. Well, yes, but what will that actually mean in practice? Staff and students are invited to actively contribute to the Blog and to comment, engage and argue with the content submitted to the site. To this end you will find a series of Blog threads already started on the ‘Blog’ page, under categories including, “Politics and Policy”, “Public Administration and Management”, and “Public Policy Reform”. How these categories, and the discussions that take place around them, evolve will be up to you the reader (and hopefully writer). It’s your Blog!

Of course if you are not associated with the MPA at Liverpool and have stumbled across our site, your comments and thoughts are welcome as well.

Happy Blogging!

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